About Illinois Home Inspectors’ Association
Home Inspectors for Home Inspectors
Illinois Home Inspectors’ Association (IHIA) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization founded by John Dunn.  Mr. Dunn serves as it’s Executive Director.  The purpose of this organization is to monitor the Illinois Home Inspector License and help p serve in the best interests of it’s members.  As of June of 2006 there are over 3000 licensed home inspectors in the State of Illinois.  Most of these inspectors are without representation and as a result their profession rests in the hands of politicians and the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  It is critical to have a single voice speaking for the Illinois home inspector.

The principal charter for this organization is to help channel any changes back to it’s membership and help sculpt the necessary changes up to the IDFPR.  Presently there are no other organizations in Illinois doing this.  Membership in the IHIA is open to any Illinois licensed home inspector or entity and all are welcomed.  This organization does not have basis toward any industry trade groups nor direct affiliations with any of these groups.