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Carpet Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

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No matter what kind of carpet you have, be it industrially produced, designer or very expensive hand-made oriental carpet, this special carpet floor covering will surely make your home look more attractive and make your stay more pleasant. There are many benefits of having a carpet- they affect the quality of air, they reduce the noise, regulate moisture and act as a filter against dust and dirt. But, in order to feel all these benefits, you need to clean your carpets on a regular basis. The good news is that there is more than one option when it comes to carpet cleaning Woodridge IL. Of course, there are two most popular methods used by almost every household – carpet steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Each of these cleaning methods comes with certain advantages and disadvantages and they are both used by professional carpet cleaning services. Now let’s highlight more details about each of these methods.
Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction method as some people call it, relies on the use of a pre-spray in the beginning of the procedure. With this pre-spraying, we are practically loosening the particles found in the carpet. After that, plain water or special cleaning solution is infused onto the carpet and extracted with the help of pressure. Besides the fluids, the machine will also extract the allergens, oils, dirt and dust from the carpet.

Home Carpet Cleaning in Woodridge, IL
On the other hand, dry carpet cleaning Woodridge works in a different way. This method includes the spread of powder on the surface. The powder is then left for a while before using a vacuum cleaner. In this case, some of the powder will remain on the carpet.
Most carpet manufacturers recommend the use of carpet steam cleaning because they believe that this method is more efficient. The fact is that steam cleaning thoroughly rinses and cleans the carpets without leaving any debris or residue (in any form). As we have mentioned before, dry cleaning will still leave traces of powder which can eventually turn into white stains.
Of course, dry carpet cleaning has its own advantages. For example, this method is much faster compared to steam cleaning. The carpets are dry all the time. On the other hand, steam cleaning requires some period of time for drying, but the technology is making fast progress in the recent years, so the drying time is reduced and users should not expect mildew or mold buildup in case they use steam cleaning.
The fact is that most professional carpet cleaners use steam carpet cleaning because this method allows thorough cleaning.
In the end, it is up to you to choose a method of cleaning that suits your needs the best. However, if you are planning to take good care of your carpets and make them last for a long period of time, experts will suggest the use of steam cleaning every once in a while. As we have mentioned before, there are few other methods of carpet cleaning near Woodridge, but these two are by far the most popular ones.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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carpet cleaning in Downers Grove IL
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Expert carpet cleaning in Downers Grove, IL has continued to be a general and growing service, and for a sensible reason. Not just will this save you money, but after the process is finished, you will feel remarkable because you have experienced the big difference that cleanliness makes within your house. If you rent a home or apartment, having the carpets cleaned can save cash when you decide to move on. Nowadays, many landowners need a bond when you become a tenant of their house so that once you leave they can inspect the place and ensure that it is not left in an unwelcome state, actually, if there are stains or damages on the carpet, your link maybe withheld so that any cleaning or repairs expenses are sheltered in the landlords preparation for their next tenant. With that being said, it should be a priority for you to maintain the upholstery and carpet cleaning in your house.
Upholstery cleaning is just a recent add-on spec to many carpet cleaning firms. This service is remarkable and once more, this can turn your recent couch into refurbished beauty by taking away the proof of children and pets. Upholstery cleaning is best for almost all furniture types and will make a fresh look that you want. This service can even make a secondhand piece of furniture look like a fresh purchase quickly after a cleaning and overnight dry! Many firms that provide this service also offer scotch guard defense products that are applied to your furniture that will save your luxuries from any additional mishaps.

Whatever plan you make for your carpet and upholstery cleaning, you should most definitely ensure that you find out what you can and cannot use to clean your valuable household items. It is advised that you search for the manufacturer’s label that is generally found at the bottom of your furniture. This tag should offer you with cleaning instructions to support you make the right cleaning process option. Because of the delicate standard on many today’s fabrics, it is vital not to over wet them.
To reject this, the professionals utilize a unique low-moisture soil removal cleaning system on weak fabrics. And for materials that are heavily soiled and robust, we use a warm water removal upholstery cleaning system. Before steam carpet cleaning, experts thoroughly evaluate the fabric type and cleaning needs. The stuffing material inside of cushions is also forever checked to make sure no bleed-through will occur. Finally, all stains and detergents removers are tested on a hidden area of the fabric to make sure they will not damage or change in anyway.

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets

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A New Year, Newly Cleaned Carpets
carpet cleaning Naperville IL
If you needed a bit of a push towards getting clean in 2016, we’ll help you find a good reason. Put your best carpet forward and enjoy clean carpets this coming year. If you haven’t ever hired a professional carpet cleaning, consider doing so and enjoy these benefits:
Beauty If you haven’t had carpet cleaners in Naperville, IL come into your home before, you’ll be in for a treat. What we’re getting at is, have you tried to remember what the original color of your carpet was? Find out! With a proper carpet steam cleaning, your carpet will gain new life and show its true colors. You’ll wonder why you waited so long once you see that nice, bright sheen on your carpet.
Health There’s a lot hiding in your carpet besides plain old dirt. The threads of a carpet are the perfect place for germs and bacteria to hide, especially if it ever gets a little damp or if it’s been awhile since it was cleaned properly. Are you getting grossed out? Now imagine your children rolling around in it or your toddler slobbering all over it while he attempts to chew on yet another household item. If you or your family has a tendency to catch illnesses quickly, your carpet may be the culprit. Windy City Steam always uses sanitizers and high quality cleaners, so get rid of those germs and keep your family healthy.

carpet cleaning Naperville
Allergens gone Not only germs and bacteria are hidden in your carpet, allergens such as dust and dander are also hiding in there. With everyone cooped up indoors for the winter, consider a great carpet cleaning to get all of those irritating allergens washed out and avoid aggravating what is already a typically sneezy season.
A Happy Family A clean carpet will be enjoyable for everyone, especially children who particularly enjoy lying on carpets. You’ll be sure to make them smile when the newly cleaned carpet is dry and ready to roll all over. The space will be inviting and ready for them to use for playing games and other favorite activities.
Environmentally conscious choice If you’re concerned about being eco-friendly while cleaning your carpet, do not fret. There are many alternatives to chemical heavy cleaners. Nature offers wonderful options such as vinegar. Mild dish detergents also do well, and plain old water when used in a high quality steam machine works wonders. If you’d like to know more about our green carpet cleaning, feel free to ask when you call and we’ll provide more information.
Give it a try this year, enjoy clean carpets and a clean home. Improve your family’s health and invest in their enjoyment. What’s best is all the benefits are gained and you can do it green. Start your 2016 with a home in tip top shape starting with your carpets. You won’t regret choosing to make your home more beautiful, clean and welcoming for your family and visitors.

Green Carpet Cleaning in Bolingbrook, IL

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Bolingbrook Carpet Cleaners
Green organic carpet cleaning is increasing in popularity as homeowners seek a safer, more natural alternative to chemical carpet cleaning services in Bolingbrook. The majority of carpet cleaning companies are still using harsh chemicals on your carpets just because it is cheaper for them to complete the job that way. Green carpet cleaning products are much more pricey so you could expect to pay a little more for Green carpet cleaners in Bolingbrook but this is the safest method on the market.

Who really offers Green Carpet Cleaning in Bolingbrook?
Organic green carpet cleaning in Bolingbrook is hard to find. We finally found Windy City Steam and this company really went above and beyond our carpet cleaning expectations. Our carpets looked & smelled great, and our kids and pets were able to play on the carpet the same day so overall we couldn’t be happier with this company. They are a newer carpet cleaning company in our area so it was hard to find them so I am making a few articles to tell others what a great service they are.

Windy City Steam
7641 Sprucewood Avenue
Woodridge, IL. 60517
They offer green carpet cleaning using REAL organic products. Their cleaning solvents contain natural minerals, vinegar, vegetable fibers, citrus plus botanical extracts. The steam created by their truck mounted carpet cleaning system alone is enough to effectively clean your carpets but when a little boost is needed they have a safe alternative to a harsh chemical. Carpet cleaning technology has came a long way in the last 15 years and nowadays it is a safe, quick drying process.

Back in the day when you would hire a carpet cleaners, you would most likely hire out a carpet shampooing company and your carpets remained wet for a couple days. This created mold if technicians were over wetting the carpet and not properly extracting water, but the worse part of that method is that they would leave chemicals in your carpet with a heavy residue. This would make it so that your carpet would attract soil much more quickly, so people would shy away from having their carpet & upholstery cleaning done. It makes sense too, if you think about it, lets say you took a shower and put shampoo in your hair and never rinsed it out and continued to go on with your day. Your hair would be filthy by the days end. The same was true with your carpet. Nowadays steam cleaning is the safest and cleanest method of carpet cleaning. Most companies could come out and extract all the soil or dirt from your carpet and still have your carpets dry the same day. So if you’ve been on the fence on what type of carpet cleaners in Bolingbrook to call, give Windy City Steam a call! They most likely will not disappoint you and do really good work. Steam cleaning in Bolingbrook is offered by many, but done right by few. Keep that in mind when you are looking around for a carpet cleaning service.